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Minois Paris

Fragranced Laundry MINOIS x KERZON - Lessive Parfumée

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Kerzon x Minois natural scented detergent.

Kerzon x Minois natural detergent, very gentle and formulated without allergens, takes care of your laundry without irritating the sensitive skin of babies and children.

Made in France in the heart of Provence, according to an ancestral method based on vegetable and organic oils, this natural detergent is ideal for machine or hand washing. Enriched with organic orange blossom water, Kerzon x Minois laundry detergent envelops your clothes and those of your children with softness and the delicate signature scent of Minois.

By using Kerzon x Minois laundry detergent, you help reduce water pollution, waste production and energy consumption.

 Made in France, in accordance with a strict quality charter.
 1000 ml

How to use: 
With the dosing cap, use only the amount you need. For an ideal dosage and a minimum impact on the environment, we recommend that you use the equivalent of one measuring cup per detergent. This bottle will do about 22 loads of laundry.

Complete list of ingredients:
5-15% soap , citrus aurantium dulcis (orange), flower water, parfum, benzyl alcohol.