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Hai Berlin

ASL Hipster Alphabet For Babes

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A Coffee Table Book For Young Humans.

The American Sign Language Hipster Alphabet For Babes is a winking alphabetic snapshot of the things that will forever define hipster culture. What’s not to love about little pudgy baby hands.

  • 20cm x 14cm / 54 pages
  • Hardcover
  • In American Sign Language and English Translation and Description
  • Text + Concept: Linnie von Sky
  • Illustrations: Janice Wu
  • ISBN 978-3-9820688-4-8
  • Printed in Germany.

Linnie is a Berlin based writer of the most deeply moving children's books. She herself describes her books as an invitation to " discourse about vulnerability and the complexity of basic emotion. I hope they spark a heart to heart, a moment of honesty and connection."