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Sadly The Owl - An Untold Tale

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This book is in English, a German version might be released in the future. 

Sadly the owl loves nothing more than line-dancing in his bright red cowboy boots. One morning Sadly wakes up to find a dark cloud over his head. He tries every trick he knows to get back into the sunshine, but nothing works. Will Sadly ever get to dance again? A tale about more than just sad days.

A gentle and loving conversation starter about sadness, mental health, depression and emotional wellbeing.

  • 26cm x 20cm 
  • Hardcover
  • Illustrations by Ashley O'Mara
  • ISBN 978-0-9919612-2-1
  • 100% made and printed in Canada.

Linnie is a Berlin based writer of the most deeply moving children's books. She herself describes her books as an invitation to " discourse about vulnerability and the complexity of basic emotion. I hope they spark a heart to heart, a moment of honesty and connection."