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The Wandering Workshop

Catch A Cloud Stacking Toy

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The Wandering Workshop is one of our favorite toy brands. It’s beautiful calm colours and minimalistic design combines beauty and joy.

They don’t only invite kids to let their imagination and creativity run free, but are also thought to let them exercise their fine motor skills in balancing, stacking and arranging the toy in various ways. 

Manufactured on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece, the toys are elaborated with highest quality standards. Each toy is hand crafted in the studio of creators Athina& Jose, under the impression of the Aegean sea and sky. 

Beech wood from European FSC certified forests
Eco-friendly, non-toxic, water based colours. AP certified
• Coating: Natural beeswax
• Certified, non-toxic glue 
Handmade in Greece

Measurements : 26 * 11 cm